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Phantom Insight WILTSHIRE
Phantom Insight WILTSHIRE
Phantom Insight WILTSHIRE
Phantom Insight WILTSHIRE
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        • Manage and monitor your business vehicle fleet
        • Make sure your vehicles and fleet should be where they are
        • Turn by turn journey replays
        • Vehicle alerts based on location, speed and time
        • Driver Behaviour Reports
        • Multiple reports for in-depth fleet analysis

          £16 per month installed

On the spot Live Tracking
Making you aware of the exact routes taken by drivers, pin pointing for you exactly where they are and what it is that their vehicle is doing. Also helping you keep one step ahead of the competition by providing you with an improved level of customer service by being able to provide your clients with proof of service.


Journey Reports
Understanding where your drivers are at any given moment is crucial to ensuring the smooth running of your fleet on a daily basis. However, it isn't just today's schedule you need to be aware of, especially if you want to improve and evolve your business in the long term. Our       system shows you historical journey reports. 


Utilising GPS satelites and mobile phone networks we can install our device into your fleet of vehicles which allow you to remotely monitor them wherever you are. Whether you want to check up on an employees current location, work out how much you spend on fuel per month or monitor your employees driving behaviour Phantom insight can provide a system which meets your needs.

You can view your fleets location 24 hours a day with our online portal and mobile apps. The tracker updates at least every 45 seconds so you keep upto date with your drivers position, speed and heading.

Replay your vehicles journey from today, yesterday or last year, work out who your best performing drivers and run detaied reports on your fleet movements and performance. You can even be alerted when a vehicle enters a certain location, goes over a certain speed or users a company vehicle out of hours.

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