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DAB - Digital Radio - WILTSHIRE

DABmotion is an in-car audio adapter that offers a flexible and effective method to integrate digital audio to your existing AM/FM in-car audio system.

Your existing AM/FM audio system can be easily upgraded to receive DAB/DAB+ digital radio services when you install the DABmotion. The DABmotion interface connects to your in-car audio system by wireless utilising a FM-RDS micro-transmitter. No complex wiring is required and DABmotion does not interfere with any of the existing car wiring circuits.

DABmotion is operated using a wireless RF remote controller and messages that relate to DABmotion operation are displayed on the screen of your in-car audio system. The flexible configuration options of the DABmotion make it easy to install in any vehicle.

The wireless connection of DABmotion also has patented AFC (Automatic Frequency Change) that allows you to continuously listen to your favourite DAB programs without the need to change the FM frequency manually. If the AF (auto frequency) function is not built in your car radio it is possible to use the DABmotion AutoScan function to automatically scan for 3 useable FM frequencies.

DABmotion needs an RDS car radio in order to properly display the relevant information via the in-car radio display.

Advanced next generation automotive interface that provides fantastic digital radio reception through your existing vehicle audio system.
  • Government TICK MARK approved product
  • Patented AFC technology for seamless reception
  • The interface contains latest chipset technology – compatible with service following
  • Ergonomic ‘ROLA’ custom remote control design
  • Long life RC battery with low battery warning indicator
  • Enhanced button configuration improves usability
  • Intuitive single handed RC navigation
  • Quick access to all 12 pre-set favourite stations
  • AUX-IN function with improved sound quality
  • Latest antenna technology and design – can be fitted RHS or LHS of windscreen

Alpine EZi-DAB Add on DAB radio for any car WILTSHIRE
Add on DAB radio for any car.
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